I’m very happy with the work and responsiveness in helping us achieve comfort in our home. We have a 1939 cottage in Bethesda that has a DIY upstairs addition and a later professional addition. Since the professional addition was done in 2010, we have noticed that the upstairs gets very hot in the summer and the 1st floor is uncomfortably cold in the winter. My wife and kids have complained for years, and finally I reached a breaking point. I was expecting a massive expense to tear walls, install insulation and buy all new windows. However, Pascale recommended doing a lot of basic attic insulation, venting, and leak sealing before looking into such major expenses.¬†While additionally earning¬†rebates, our upstairs no longer has that Amazon River basin vibe even in the heat of July. Our kids, who had been sleeping on couches in the summer, can now sleep in their beds again. Aside from that, Pascale’s team is very professional, courteous, and neat.