Google's Project Sunroof

If you’ve ever thought about getting solar panels on your house but worried about whether it was worth it, Google may now have just the thing to help you decide. In a new expansion of its Project Sunroof, Google has built 3-D models of rooftops in all 50 states, looked at the trees around people’s homes, considered the local weather, and figured out how much energy each house or building can generate. A home owner

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Attic Insulation and Ventilation…Boring, but Absolutely Vital!

Whether you’re an energy efficiency nerd or trying to reduce those massive monthly Washington DC utility bills, ensuring precise attic insulation and ventilation is vital. In essence, all ventilation is about circulating air to keep it fresh and to reduce moisture levels. Some estimates claim that up to 90% of US homes have unreasonably high levels of moisture. Understanding whether your home could benefit from attic ventilation improvement might be a real a roof-saver. Insulation on

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Energy Saving Solutions: Solar Shingled-Roof in NW DC

I was driving in DC, avoiding traffic, when I saw a house with a solar-shingled roof! Very Cool! Solar shingles are photovoltaic cells designed to look like and integrate with conventional roofing materials. Recently they have become price-competitive with bolt-on panels resulting in increased popularity. One of the issues I face when recommending energy saving solutions regarding solar panels is the appearance. The advantage of solar shingles is that they look and function like a regular

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We stepped up for women entrepreneurs

Announcement: Women’s Business Center silent auction!

Bid on a Home Energy Audit The Maryland Women’s Business Center is hosting a silent auction as part of their Step Up for Women Entrepreneurs event! One of the items up for auction is a Home Energy Audit with Energy Efficiency Experts and $250 off insulation installation (total valued at $650). You can bid on this service at the link below! Find us in the Services section.

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